Balaramgadi-Marine- is a Sub-District within Baleshwar District. 
State.Name District.Name Sub.District.Name CD.Block.Name Houses Population Female Male SC ST
ODISHA Baleshwar Balaramgadi Marine Baleshwar Sadar 1124 0 5237 2568 2669 767 503
>> Pincode(s) within Sub-District Balaramgadi Marine  : 756019, 756025 
>> Town(s) within and around Sub-District Balaramgadi Marine  : BALESHWAR 
>> Nearest Town(s) having Engineering College : BALESHWAR 
>> Nearest Town(s) having Medical College: CUTTACK 
>> Nearest Town(s) having Management College: BALESHWAR 
>> Location(s) having Cinema Video Hall:  
>> Location(s) having Public Library: Mirjapur 
>> Location(s) having Public Reading Room: Mirjapur 
>> Location(s) having Sports Club Recreation Center: Mirjapur, Nuapalgadi 
>> Location(s) having Sports Field: Mirjapur, Nuapalgadi 
>> Location(s) having community center: Mirjapur 

Villages within Sub-District Balaramgadi Marine (Census 2011)

PIN.Code Village.Name Gram.Panchayat.Name Nearest.Town.Name Sub.District.Head.Quarter..Name. Nearest.Statutory.Town..Name. Total.Population.of.Village Nearest.Village.Town.Name..Pre.Primary.School..Nursery.LKG.UKG. Nearest.Village.Town.Name..Middle.School. Nearest.Village.Town.Name..Secondary.School. Nearest.Village.Town.Name..Senior.Secondary.School. Nearest.Village.Town.Name..Arts.and.Science.Degree.College. Nearest.Village.Town.Name..Engineering.College. Nearest.Village.Town.Name..Medicine.College. Nearest.Village.Town.Name..Management.Institute. Nearest.Village.Town.Name..Private.School.For.Disabled. Dispensary.Doctors.Total.Strength..Numbers. Veterinary.Hospital.Para.Medical.Staff.Total.Strength..Numbers. Family.Welfare.Centre..Numbers. Agricultural.Commodities..First.
1 756019 Mirjapur Srikona BALESHWAR Balaramgadi Marine 14 15 BALESHWAR 15 3156 N.A. NA NA BANGARA RASALPUR BALESHWAR CUTTACK BALESHWAR N.A. 0 0 0 NA
2 756025 Balaramgadi Srikona BALESHWAR Balaramgadi Marine 12 15 BALESHWAR 15 755 N.A. NA NA BANGARA RASALPUR BALESHWAR CUTTACK BALESHWAR N.A. 0 0 0 NA
3 756025 Nuapalgadi Srikona BALESHWAR Balaramgadi Marine 13 15 BALESHWAR 15 1326 N.A. NA NA BANGARA RASALPUR BALESHWAR CUTTACK BALESHWAR N.A. 0 0 0 NA

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